What are the key benefits of underwriting software solutions?

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Risk management and quick conversion of prospects into customers are two of the most challenging problems faced by insurance companies. Having to comply with all regulatory requirements and standards on top of it has led the industry to move towards software solutions that help manage their business operations with ease. Insurance underwriting is one such area where companies are focusing on these days and there are many insurance underwriting software solutions that help streamline the operations. eRite is an insurance underwriting workflow software solution from KALS Information Systems Ltd that has generated a lot of buzz in the insurance circles and is emerging as the leading software solution for insurance underwriting. Read on to understand as to what eRite is all about.

eRite is a web based underwriting software that helps automate and manage a lot of things from quota, underwriting assessment to risk inspection and survey management. Having an automated systems helps reduce the Quote to Policy cycle time and improves the productivity and efficiency as well. This product from KALS Information Systems can be integrated with various back office systems in a seamless fashion and has impeccable risk assessment capabilities. Some of the other benefits are that it allows for categorization of risks, versioning of quotations, management of workload, regional office approval support and comes with a custom dashboard.

Such underwriting systems have a lot of benefits and are made with the needs of underwriters and insurance organizations in mind. With its array of benefits and features, it is no wonder that eRite from KALS Information Systems is making a name for itself in the insurance industry today. Check out http://www.kalsinfo.com/e_rite.php for more details on the product.

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