A Review on KALS Information System’s Shine – ERP Software for Metal based Manufacturers

KALS Information Systems is a Bangalore-based company that offers highly customized software products and services for clients across the country. KALS has been providing software solutions for companies in various sectors such as manufacturing, distribution, financial services, governmental agencies, and telecom for the last 15 years. One of the company’s best products is Shine. This ERP software is specially designed for metal manufacturing companies.

Review on KALS Shine ERP System should definitely talk about its features. This platform has a built-in QA/approval process, which helps ensure that standard quality levels are maintained throughout the production cycle. This software program is designed with a flexible product specifications modules. Manufacturers can alter the settings of the manufacturing process in this module. This enables manufacturers to customize the ERP software platform differently for each product manufacturing.

Apart from these features, Shine ERP from KALS Information Systems also has an efficient order validation and approval workflow. So, each product manufacturing order can be carefully scrutinized by the supervisors and manufacturers before the manufacturing process actually begins. This will help reduce errors and duplication of efforts.

The various modules in Shine ERP are inventory and stock management, product configurator, sales, information systems (production control), warehousing, and debtor and accounting. The software program helps reduce time taken to implement a manufacturing process. Plus, it supports distributed locations. Shine ERP enables managers and other key stakeholders to effectively monitor all the processes without disturbing the manufacturing team. The software also provides all the essential data, which allows stakeholders to make informed decisions and improve process workflow.

This review of KALS ERP Shine will also talk about the companies that can make the optimum use of this software platform. Manufacturing units that make use of highly volatile and high risk raw materials in their production cycle will benefit from using this software platform. Shine ERP will also be perfect for manufacturing units that want to set up an efficient inventory management system at the work order level. Companies that offer customized packing, delivery, statutory compliance, and documentation will greatly benefit from using KALS Information System’s Shine ERP.

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Author: KALS Information Systems Ltd

KALS INFORMATION SYSTEMS LTD is an established Software Products & Services organization in Bangalore, with a successful, International, Pan-Asian experience in Software Development & Technology Services. We offer unique range of Software Development, Transition and Migration Solutions to help large end-user organizations meet a variety of challenges. We have got a 15 year successful track record in servicing industries such as Financial Sevices, Government, Telecom, Security, Manufacturing & Distribution.

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